The Team

Angana Narula


Angana's love for both travel, writing and photography stems from an infatuation with learning about cultures and the diversity of how people live. She's currently in the UK studying English and History at the University of Durham, but she grew up living in Thailand. Aside from travel, writing and photographing, Angana likes to paint and spend time in quaint and obscure cafe's.

Antonia Fabian


Antonia is a German 19 year old Philosophy Student in Cardiff. Another lover of travel and more importantly animals. From travelling through Asia to working with elephants Antonia's fallen for the outdoors and the adventure of different cultures.

Ella Marchant


Ella's studying English Lit at Glasgow uni. She loves sewing, baking and making things in general. Especially vegan treats. Her favourite places include Rome, Barcelona and Whitley Bay (good ol' Newcastle). She's a regular writer for us here at LeftRight Repeat and getting stuck into some fantastic food pieces. Follow her articles and you'll be lucky enough to get some recipe tips too.

Erika Koljonen


Erika's originally from Finland, where the zip was invented! She lived London for a while and studies English Lit in Glasgow. Erika grew up travelling between Helsinki and London which has given her a natural sense of comfort in being on the move. She's been backpacking through most of SE Asia: Singapore, Malaysia Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. She gets super excited learning about the history and culture of a place, and of course there's the food!

Graham MacMillan-Mason

Contributor, Columnist

Though born and bred in Sunderland, Graham has lived in Glasgow for 4 years now. He's a passionate vegan, Sea Shepherd activist and cat lover. He's also a spoken word artist and performs in venues across Glasgow, including at Glasgow's recent 'Vegfest'. On top of all this, he runs the occasional half marathon. He loves adventure, travelling and seeing new things.

Guillaume Prevost

Contributing Photographer, Adventurer

Guillie is a 27-year-old Frenchy, born and raised in Pau, south-west France. Starting skiing at 3 and hiking/climbing at 4, Guillie is probably the most experienced of all the LeftRight Repeat team. He's travelled to 27 countries across 6 continents, all the while getting his degree in Software Engineering between France and Australia, where he's lived in Melbourne for two years. It's safe to say he's super adventurous and a really talented photographer. Guillaume spends his days travelling, making videos, taking photos and surfing.

Heather Renton


Heather grew up in Amsterdam but her father is Scottish so she sounds like a self-professed combination of Goldmember and Rab C. Nesbitt. She moved to her current home, Glasgow, to do a masters in History of dress and Textiles with a dream to become a costume designer someday. She is drawn to travelling not only because she loves learning new languages and meeting new people, but for the fantastic stories that travelling brings.

Jessica Algie


Jessica has lived life between England and Bangkok for most of her life. She's also half British and half Chinese so has had an interesting insight into life across different cultures, something which has sparked and fed her desire to travel and explore. Her recent trip interrailing in the summer of 2015 was only the start of many more adventures to come. She's currently studying Drama and Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes university and working part time in an events company and as a model.

Joëlle Poulos

Contributing Photographer, Adventurer

Joëlle is one of our talented photographers. She lives in Falmouth working as a freelance photographer and artist living in her own self-converted caravan. Among other talents she's a self-made business woman and runs 'Joelle's Emporium' in which she sells her own prints and custom design temporary tattoos. Most recently she was off photographing what appears to be every nook and cranny of SE Asia. She has a relentless love for adventure, exploring new cultures and places and meeting awesomely interesting people.

Jon Webster


Jon Webster is currently doing a Masters of Research in Creative Practices at the Glasgow School of Art before finishing his final year of medical training at Newcastle University. Through a combination of living, studying, and travelling in India, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Denmark, Western Europe, and more he tries to explore cultural relativism and his own mixed heritage through writing, exploring, storytelling, and a little photography.

Lucy Houghton


You'll probably find Lucy either writing, reading, or in a reading induced nap. She's moved up to Glasgow from Lancashire to study English Literature at the University of Glasgow and is now in her third year. Aside from reading and writing, she likes to stay active and explore the Highlands, having already bagged several munros.

Nicola McLellan

Contributor, Columnist

Nicola grew in Edinburgh (‘grew up’ is not the right phrase), and moved to Glasgow to go to Uni. After deciding that mainstream education was not her calling, Nikki “opened [her] tiny little mind to the concept that the reality we see may be more complicated.” six years ago when she was a self confessed ‘ned’. Since those dark days she has studied holistic practices including Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Reiki, all of which she is qualified in. She has worked in hospitality for years, but more interestingly, spent time teaching “singing to the kiddies” in the Massai Tribes in Kenya.

Oliver Gaspar

Contributing Photographer, Contributor

Swedish born Oli now lives on the Central Coast of Australia. He's currently studying International Business in Sydney but has his fair share of adventure travel plans lined up. Having just taken a year out to backpack Europe, he now has plans to sail the Australian East Coast in a boat built by himself and his dad. With a deep found passion for travelling, adventure, and landscape and nature photography, Oli's journeys are definitely ones you want to keep an eye out for.

Richard Knight


Richard was born and bred the outskirts of Reading, but 21 years later finds himself studying Business at the University of Bath. He travels whenever his life can afford it, in between his other exploits which include London internships, journalism, and radio presenting.

Robbie Heath


Glaswegian born Robbie has never stayed put in a city for longer than 5 years. He's lived as far away as the UAE and learnt a wee bit of Spanish from his time in Spain. Now at the University of Glasgow (stayed put for the time being) he's studying English and Philosophy with the occasional paid acting gig on the side. He's a great lover of world cuisine and music and won't hesitate to write about it.

Rory Crawford

Adventurer, Contributor

Full time electrician and part time adventurer Rory likes to make the most of every day. It is a rare day when he's not doing something fitness related or planning his next excursion. He was born and raised in Edinburgh and can normally be found at some sort of social fitness event or searching the streets for a gluten free cake!

Craig Everett

Co-Founder, Business Manager, Adventurer

Craig's an Edinburg studying in Glasgow. He's a fitness freak and culinary near-genius as his relentless legs and couscous cooking showed when he crossed the Pyrenees for LRR 2015. He's studying Philosophy and Politics but outside of lectures he runs, plays squash, claims to be a Glasgow Uni socialite, and plans adventures.

Doug Turner

Co-founder, Marketing & Media Director, Adventurer, Photographer

Doug was born and bred in London, moving to Glasgow to study English Literature. If you've met Doug and haven't heard him talk about 'This one time I walked from Melbourne to Adelaide' then you haven't actually met him. When not procrastinating Doug plays hockey, designs website, and walks places, like 900km across the Pyrenees. Most recently he became the first person to paddleboard down the Neretva river in Bosnia His next plan is for LRR 2017, a stand-up paddle board journey down the Danube.

Iona Campbell

Contributor, Editor

Iona (or Owni) grew up in New Zealand and followed her families wish to come back to Scotland. Now, she attends the University of Glasgow, studying English Literature and Language. Owni enjoys reading, poetry, art and is an avid slackliner, she can often be found in the local park (when the weather is forgiving on her feet).

Fiona Bringmann

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Adventurer

Fiona, another Londoner who moved to Glasgow to study English Lit, is a bit of a word nerd. Fi was part of the three-strong team that crossed the Pyrenees from coast to coast of France for LRR 2015. You're most likely to find her either in a yoga studio, coffee shop or on the beach.

Jacinta Ricketts


Jacinta was busy practising law in Australia when her adopted mother decided to track down her biological mother. Suddenly an EU passport landed in her lap so she seized the opportunity to travel and live in Europe. She now occasionally writes for LeftRight Repeat whilst adventuring in Europe. Before she returns to Australia she hopes to live in the Artic Circle, cross an ocean in a cargo ship and to publish a guide book about walking 1400 km on the Camino de Santiago through France and Spain.