Wandering, Pt. 1: A Portrait of a Friendship

From the very early moments of our friendship, Juliette has always been the person I turned to when I needed to experiment. We like to joke that she’s my muse, but there is actually a lot of underlying truth within this label. She’s the best model. She’s super patient, never complains, and never backs out if I’m making her do something crazy in a public setting. During our school years I’d filled sketchbooks with photographs of her face, some photos ordinary but also some with cash notes taped to her mouth. (But that’s a story for another time.) Having only taken 2 professional photography classes before – I’m still learning and trying out which methods work best for me. While I do love street photography, love having the power to turn a pause in time featuring a stranger into a story, a different kind of feeling emerges when I photograph my closest friends. Though some photos may be technically flawed, the photographs exude the love experienced between friends – love that I hope people looking can feel too.

In November Juliette and I explored the cities of Durham, Newcastle, and Edinburgh and my camera pointed at her the entire time.

It will be a long 3 months before my muse and I are reunited. I won’t deny that it’s difficult when all your friends are scattered all across the world in the name of higher education. But what’s great about it is that we all get to visit places we’ve never been. I’ve shown her my new world; she still has yet to show me hers. Brussels, Belgium, is the next city where we’ll have an adventure. I promise many more photos to come, because after all, wandering is what we do best.