Happy Birthday!: LeftRight Repeats first birthday!


LeftRight Repeat began selfishly. I’ll be the first and only one to admit it because it began with an idea that I could be my own adventure travel community. Although today is our first official birthday, LeftRight Repeat really started with a sun-bleached blonde egotist in Melbourne, unsurprisingly alone. I ended up segregated by my own passion for having an adventure, regarding anyone who wasn’t doing my adventure to be on the wrong track. I completely shut out anyone else who was going to be involved, to the extent that I went on a road trip with people I met in a hostel and spent two days walking between campsites alone because I wanted to walk.

 It took two years, three close encounters with death and a six-week intensive course in ‘Adventuring With People’ a.k.a LRR2015, to humble me, and make me realise that adventure is not a one man band, even if you go alone it’s the culmination of generations of experiences, cultures, lifestyles, mavericks, writers, photographers, accidents, arguments and conversations that are still ongoing. Today there’s adventures happening everywhere, from Dave Cornthwaite travelling over 1,000miles through Japan by scooter at this very moment to Jake Borden living with the homeless in Tbilisi to tell their story through his camera. If I’ve learnt anything over the past year, it’s that adventure is possibly the loosest term in the English language and so many people are having so many kinds of adventures.

LeftRight Repeat has been lucky enough to feature nearly 150 different accounts of adventure in the past year! We’re so lucky to have such wonderful people involved, from photographers to scuba divers, poets to cyclists, this eclectic mixture of people have really captured the sense of malleability that comes with adventure.The great news is that we’re going to be finding more stories, more people and more adventures in the coming year.

First off is our big adventure planned for this summer, LeftRight Repeat 2017: At One with Istros – A stand-up paddle journey down the Danube, from the source in Germany to the Black Sea in Ukraine, nearly 3,000km of paddling on homemade, wooden stand-up paddle boards! The team (who will be announced at the end of the year) will be filming a documentary along the way, telling the story of communities big and small, who live on and either use or abuse the Danube.

The next big change is our wonderful editor-in-chief has moved on, Fiona has done wonders for getting LeftRight Repeat off the ground, and this certainly won’t be the last we hear from her, but she will no longer work as the site’s editor.

We will be working to find more photographers and videographers for our feature Instagram @leftrightrepeatlens bringing you daily advinspiration from wonderful travellers and adventures around the world.

Finally, we will be bringing you monthly newsletters courtesy of your email inboxes, so watch out for the sign-up link soon!

This just leaves me to thank all of you, from the co-founders Craig and Fiona, to all of our contributors, photographers, writers, adventurers and anyone who’s been in touch, you’re all the best. Every one of you. Happy birthday to us, enjoy your Christmas and we’ll see you very very soon!