Georgia’s Forgotten People – Jake Borden

Jake Borden is a travelling photography focusing on people and their stories. He recently travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia to document the population left behind since the collapse of the USSR and wars that ravaged the region, sending many fleeing to the capital.


Many refugees who escaped to Tbilisi not only left their homes but also their agricultural lifestyles. However, with Georgia having entered into a market economy, the capital holds no job prospects for these rural communities. Unable to find jobs 400 of these refugees have made their homes in an abandoned hospital in the capital.

Jake spent a week living within the community, documenting and photographing their lifestyle. Many have to share plumbing with their neighbours, and electricity is sparse and dangerous. A fire caused by faulty wiring reportedly killed a child in 2015.

Children make up nearly a quarter of the inhabitants of the hospital, many under 6 years old. They are forced to grow up living off of less than £100 in benefits for their whole family per month. Although there is a strong sense of community within the compound, they feel like outsiders of the state of Georgia.

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