Review: Buff Headband
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Gets smelly if you take it hiking and don't wash it
95%love a good buff
Value 95%
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Buffs are great. Like really great. You can use them in all conditions, as a headband, a neck-band, balaclava, sweat band. Honestly the list just goes on. Check out this video if you’re stuck for ideas of how to wear.


So so versatile. See the video above but there are so many ways you can wear buffs and so many things you can do with them. I like just wearing it as a classic sweatband, headband or scrunchie, but that’s not to say I’m not open to new ideas. Like wearing one round your head or neck at night when camping to stay warm.

Above and beyond the ways that buff suggests you wear them, you can also use these as a handy cloth to always have on hand. A seat on a muddy hill perhaps, or even a towel for your dishes if you are trying to wash up camp stoves etc. (they really are super fast drying and absorbent so better than a standard towel). If you were really stuck you could probably even use it post shower, but they’re a little small and compact to dry your whole body.


The classic buff is made from microfibre material which means it’s lightweight, wind resistant, breathable, absorbent and provides both great thermal insulation and moisture management. There are also various material variations of the classic buff which prove more helpful in extreme conditions; for example, technically crafted variations made with fleece, wool and cotton. For a more extensive and detailed list of the types of buff’s available see here. Regardless what buff you choose, they are super durable. You are more likely to lose it than it lose it’s shape or snag.


Made from soft, durable fabric, no matter what buff or material you are after, buff’s are always a comfortable choice for headband. Because they are seamless as well, there is really no room for discomfort. Generally standard adult size should fit most adult heads comfortably, but if you think you need another size there’s also a slim fit, XL, child’s and even baby option.


At just £15 each these are an absolute steal. I’m a fan of sticking to the classic buff but buff have also started doing a range of other products on their website which obviously range in price. One of the most intriguing is the ‘dog buff’. Worth having a browse around the buff website for more styles and ideas.

Bottom Line:

Buff’s are great!


last day of our Pyrenees trek, still wearing my buff