Preparing to Hike the Rugged Mountains of Corsica: Who, What and Why.


My name is Rory Crawford and I am a 20 year old, full to the brim with thirst for all things outdoors. When people ask me; “what do you do?”, I don’t like to be defined only by my job but by what I do outside of work as well, which is why my reply is always the same – “electrician and part time adventurer”. I  like to make the most of every day. It is a rare day when I’m not doing something fitness related or planning my next excursion. I was lucky enough to be born and bred in the beautiful town of Edinburgh, and I can normally be found in a camping store, purposefully lost in the vast Scottish mountains or searching the streets for a gluten free cake!


Come June the 4th 2016 I will be embarking on a solo hike following the entirety of the GR20 route; an advanced hiking trail along the length of Corsica. The trail is 180km long and takes an estimated 15 days across high level terrain. With minimal experience and only 9 weeks training, this promises to be an unforgettable adventure, one that will no doubt challenge me in new and exciting ways. I will be carrying all my own food and supplies over the course of the hike, giving me an average pack weight of  15 kilos to carry. The challenge which awaits me is perhaps best described through the words of Paddy Dillon, author of the GR20s very own Cicerone Guide:
“There is no doubt that the GR20, traversing the rugged mountains of Corsica, is one of the top trails of the world. Its reputation precedes it, and most walkers who trek the route describe it afterwards as one of the toughest they have ever completed. Others find they are unable to complete it, having seriously underestimated its nature. The GR20 climbs high in to the mountains and stays there for days on end, leading ordinary walkers deep into the sort of terrain usually visited only by mountaineers.” 


First and foremost, I am embarking on this hike to raise money and awareness for the Anthony Nolan Trust, who aims to save and improve the lives of blood cancer victims by providing stem cell transplants. It is a charity close to my heart and one that I have chosen as a result of one of my closest friends having been personally affected. Every penny I raise will be going towards this cause. If you would like to help me out on my journey and shed a few pennies in the name of saving the lives of those affected, check out my fundraising pageThanks to all those who have already donated for their continued support. 
Stay tuned to follow my adventure as I continue to blog in the lead up to my departure and during the trek itself. I will be covering topics from nutrition and training right up to kit reviews, and eventually news of me along the trail itself.