Whole Again: Holistic Therapies and their Benefits.

“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how NOT to need it.”

– Anon.

As a holistic therapist myself I would like to begin by saying that I am not trying to plug my business or get any of you to sign up for my therapies. Honestly. But that said, I have experienced the mass of benefits first hand and think we should all just hurry up, stop buying into the big pharmaceutical companies, and wake the fuck up…

…On second thoughts, feel free to book me if any of this rings true to you… *smiley face icon* *thumbs up emoji*

Feeling is the most fundamental truth in ones consciousness. To feel an emotion. Whether that be joy, sorrow, delight or frustration. Good or bad, emotion is how we as human beings function. So why is it that in today’s society, crying is something we feel we should have to apologise for? Negative emotion becomes a sign of ‘weakness’, something we feel we have to hide away. We are emotional beings. Predominantly, we exist in feeling rather than thinking. Thought is taught. Feeling happens naturally. Consider the life of a newborn. A baby does not think in the controlled, calculated, rational way that we consider to rule our lives. Instead, it feels by its surroundings. And this is us all at our truest form. Yet most of the time, in adulthood, our feeling becomes secondary to our rationale and we fade into forgetful unawareness of the true emotions by which we are ruled. We react to our surroundings and external stimuli with an assortment of pre-conditioned responses and reactions. Judgements are made from our past experiences and determine a present scenario as one thing or another. Good, bad, annoying, fun, we believe things to be out of the boundaries of our own control. And when, say in life, shit hits the fan, we push through just to ‘get on’ with things.

We can all relate to moments in our lives that seem to evoke an emotional response which we have had to ‘get over’ ‘move on’ from, or ‘leave behind’ in closets we are reluctant to return to. However, it is these exact emotions, left unaddressed, which lurk at the bottom of our subconscious and manifest themselves as ill-health, poor decision making and subtle fears. In-turn, these can become huge blocks in our lives and may stop us from reaching our fullest potential. This is where I believe holistic health comes in, like a soothing knight in shining armor.

We all have baggage; it’s just how we function. But we can, using such forms of therapy, take steps towards getting rid of it. For good. And swiftly move forward with our lives, facing our fears and becoming people who dare to dream again. And without swallowing a doctors ordered pill.

I used to treat ill-health as a normality. I just went about popping sugar pills and arranging doctors appointments to fix any nagging pain or general suffering. The cause of these ailments never really getting a look in. I mean focus on preventative health is pretty much non-existent. We focus on fixing problems until we can’t feel the symptoms anymore. And then we just stop and hope that we won’t get ill again. Nothing really gets looked into fully until someone hits a point where an abnormality in our cells is termed as a ‘disease’ or in our brains as a chemical imbalance… But where does this all start? Why is our health system not treating the cause instead of shoving a plaster on it? I’ve come to the understanding that, for those who are willing to try, along with the general healthy eating, exercise and good ol’ fashioned H20 consumption, the alternative medicine route is helping more and more people to heal.

Aptly named, holistic therapy refers to an assortment of treatments which deal with the WHOLE of you. Your entire being. It’s a mind, body and soul sort of terminology which refers to a long list of new age alternative medicine practices which are now being taken much more seriously, and, quite rightly, being given the time and acknowledgement of scientific study.

“You restore energy, and without really knowing it give your body and immune system an endorphin releasing sensory delight.”

You may have heard of massage as being helpful for blood pressure, or that Reiki can help with insomnia or pain, but whether you would actually think of prescribing it for yourself is a different matter entirely. We assume that to get rid of a headache or some form of discomfort such as the common cold we should just pop a pill, sleep a bit and drink water. Or generally ignore the niggling soreness and get on with our lives. But my experience with holistic therapy has given me a bit more insight into how to really tackle any form of ill-health – from the cause. And it all boils down to those things we were talking about earlier called emotions.

By giving yourself time to stop and rest whilst you receive such a therapy, you allow your mind to switch off and your body to heal. You restore energy, and without really knowing it give your body and immune system an endorphin releasing sensory delight. Afterwards you will feel freer and lighter. You literally are taking the weight off your shoulders. From Reflexology to Reiki, you are worked on by a professional who is dealing with not only your body and its aches and pains, but also your actual thought patterns, emotions, and, fundamentally, your life. The whole of you. Your whole energy is assessed and dissected using complete focus and unconditional love to unblock and help remove your negative patterns. I personally have never left a treatment feeling anything less than joyous and free. I’ve frequently gone to a session with a list of to dos, daily stresses and a sore neck, and left an hour or so later not giving a flying fuck about any of these previous grievances.


In the beginning I believed only in the extreme relaxation that takes place, that that alone was responsible for the incalculable benefits of holistic practices. Now I recognise that it actually has a lot more to do with the release of emotions and liberation of stubborn beliefs which fade into insignificance when you allow yourself to let go. They were not important. Never were. Never are. Never will be.

So next time you feel as though you need a little TLC, or find your energy low, a sniffle of a cold coming on, a tough decision or situation looming in the background, a big exam, an interview, a dreary Monday morning…

Book in for a treatment which takes your fancy. Its worth the money spent on it. Promise.

Be free. You are doing better than you think. Give yourself the chance to heal. There are professionals waiting to help.

As always; Love and light peaceful warriors!