It’s a Mirac-oil: The Miraculous and Wondrous Uses of Oils.

Money saving, organic and free from animal cruelty. There is a whole world of natural oil products available that are free from chemicals, preservatives and parabens that you won’t find in the skincare aisle. And best of all, you can use them in your dinner too.


Finding suitable skincare for sensitive, acne prone, or dry skin can be a perilous journey, not to mention expensive. With the aid of a few different oils and a good flannel this is skincare made easy.

Step 1: choose your oil.

Apricot kernel suits mature skin, as it contains essential oils and vitamin E, which bring back skins elasticity and can help fade sun spots. Castor oil reduces pigmentation in the skin and can reduce inflammation and soreness in acne but is too thick to use alone. So, instead, combine it with a carrier oil such as apricot or almond and it will last forever.

Step 2: smooth the oil over the face.

Oils take off all make up. Liquid eyeliner, eyelash glue, waterproof mascara: everything. Run a cotton flannel or muslin cloth under hot water, squeeze out the excess and lay over the skin for 10-30 seconds before rubbing the oil off. This opens up the pores so the oil can lift the dirt and impurities from the skin.

Step 3: admire one’s face for a brief moment and apply a tiny amount of coconut or almond oil to moisturise.

Yes, it’s oil on oil on oil but it seriously works.



There are about eleventy million oil based rescue remedies for hair. Hair is essentially made up of fatty acids and cholesterol – which sounds like stuff we need to avoid, but it isn’t. Not when it comes to hair anyway! Oil is also made of up fatty acids and cholesterol, so when it is applied to the hair, it repairs the damage done by heat and chemicals. Damaged hair cuticles are what causes split ends, oil acts as a sealant, smoothing down the cuticle and protecting your locks. Argon oil is excellent for a glossy hair as it softens split ends and reflects light, ideal for any bearded fellows who are after the lustrous whiskered look.

The second and perhaps most incredible use of oil is to stimulate hair growth. Mix three equal parts of castor, vitamin E and coconut oil together in a small pot, about a teaspoon of each should do, dab your finger in it and run it across the upper lash line, eyebrows (if you’re going à la Brooke Shields) and even the beard if you’re struggling for stubble. Do this before bed every night for a week until you see results.



This might seem like a bit of an odd one, but oil has huge health benefits for your teeth too. Oil pulling, also known as ‘kavala’ or ‘gundusha’, is part of Ayurvedic medicine, a form or oral therapy used in India for thousands of years. It is a technique enormously beneficial for teeth, helping to combat halitosis and inflamed gums – some believe it even helps people to live longer, as good oral health means a healthy belly and gut. Remarkably, oil pulling is the only natural way of whitening teeth and it works beautifully. Take a tablespoon of vegetable based oil; coconut works best as it is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Swish it around in your mouth for twenty minutes. This might seem like a long time but the fatty acids in oil need at least twenty minute to react with the saliva in your mouth and draw out the impurities. Rinse your mouth with water afterwards and brush teeth as normal. Do this every day for a week to see the difference. Fizzy drink and sweet addicts will immediately feel the difference from this incredible technique!

These are only a few ways oil can be harnessed as your secret beauty weapon. Using oil is not only economical, in both a monetary and ethical sense, but nourishing and kind to skin.

Happy body, happy self, happy life.