Meditation and Adventures Within: Only in Silence Can We Hear.

“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with; acceptance, joy, peace and love.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation is a daily practice which has formed more sense in my world than I can even begin to explain. It has given me insight into who I truly am. And that which is truly important on our own individual adventures.

It has, quite literally, been the key into a whole new sensory world of ease, peace, joy, and grace which I never imagined was possible. It has allowed me the courage to grow and to see things clearly. Without it I question where and what I would be doing today.

At first meditation seemed like something only monks or middle age women on the brink of some mid life crisis participated in. Or something that was pushed upon me from those vegan ‘know it alls’ (previously burned in my last article). And yes, it is used by these folks. And fast becoming fashionable here in the West for some very valuable reasons. There is something seriously important in the shutting off of our minds chatter that is priceless. Something which should, at the very least, be investigated by each and every one of us.

People shrug off meditation as something which seems like a nice idea, somewhat like taking up the gym, or painting. A ‘maybe one day, if I have time’ sort of practice. Maybe you once watched a film on astral projection, or a documentary on Shaolin monks which evoked a slight curiosity to learn. But no one’s actually sat you down and said; ‘do this, breathe like this, concentrate on this.’ So, you by-pass it as a certain, ‘maybe-one-day’ thing. But take it from me when I say that it is of high importance to your day-to-day happiness that you give the time to at least try it. Granted, you might see everything I’ve been writing about as a bunch of mumbo jumbo voodoo shit. In that case, go ahead and stop reading my articles. That’s completely your prerogative. Go do life a bit, and when you hit rock bottom, don’t forget that there is a choice; it’s just up to you to make that beneficial decision.

“Stress is literally killing us and with the help of mindfulness and meditation we can lift our vibrations and really start loving our lives again.”

In our modern western world where ‘self-help’ forms such as meditation are, for the most part, frowned upon and where the local pub is a more valued form of relaxation, it is easy to assume that those who have turned to meditation have had some sort of serious life turmoil. Some sort of trigger to make them turn to the ‘self-help’ of meditation. They have battled addictions, depression, grief or anxiety. An assortment of trials and tribulations. They have sought help from people who have pointed to or suggested meditation as a form of relaxation which could help. And more often than not, it has. In many life transforming ways. But its not just people who have hit a wall that meditation can help. Everyone needs a little focus. A little calm and peace. Stress is literally killing us and with the help of mindfulness and meditation we can lift our vibrations and really start loving our lives again.

You see we all have the ability to allow our conscious minds to shut off. In many of our daily activities we end up in a certain kind of trance. How many times have you been in a conversation with someone, in a lecture, engrossed in painting, cooking, or listening to music, where you realise you weren’t present at all. ‘A million miles away’ we say.

So, you see we do it all the time. We shut off our minds. But this ‘trance’ like state is usually dusted with negative thoughts, sometimes egotistical daydreaming. Perhaps visualising a reaction you could have had, or a way you should have acted. Quite literally a could’ve, would’ve, should’ve embodiment of what so many of us butcher as our imperfect selves. With meditation you can use the same form of focus in our minds and re-direct this trance like state into clear positive thought. Or no thought at all. Clearance and positive change. Instead of simply day-dreaming ,we can channel this focus into creating wonderful, positive changes in ourselves and our lives.

“You just sort of breeze through things. Flow becomes apparent. People are kinder.”

I practice meditation first thing, and I would generally recommend starting your morning this way. By giving yourself that time in the morning, you allow your day to start in a new fashion. Instead of fumbling out of bed, rushing to get yourself organised, going over that to do list and getting more and more stressed, you glide through your morning routine. There is a sense of knowing that the things that need to get done will get done. And if they don’t… well so what? By stopping your thoughts first thing, you allow negative thought patterns and beliefs to re-organise themselves into positive outcomes. You will make that bus in time because you didn’t forget to pick up your phone on the way out. You just sort of breeze through things. Flow becomes apparent. People are kinder. You are responsive instead of reactionary. We are all vibrational beings, quite literally creating our lives as we go along. If you start your day with a stubbed toe and a fit of rage your likely to carry that negativity. You probably will end up missing the bus, forgetting your phone and reacting badly when your boss damns you for being late.

So, if you have been finding yourself paralysed by negative thought, or wondering how and why others seem so happy or breezy, when all you can perceive are deadlines, missed busses, angry bosses and lost phones, then do yourself a favour and try it. Try meditation for your own sake. Find a class nearby, of which there are no shortage, and take a leap of faith. Allow your life to become easier by trusting yourself a little more. Trusting life a little more.


These simple changes align you with positive beauty everywhere you go. That’s not to say one meditation class will fix all your problems. Like most good things, it takes dedication and trust. A little patience and a lot of love for yourself and others. But my god is it worth it. I’ve taken that red pill now and can’t ignore the contrast in my life. You start to see what makes you happy and what does not. You don’t have to be some spiritual seeker to embark on this sort of path. You just have to want to improve yourself and maybe even the lives of others around you.

I have become someone I never thought I could be. I’m extremely appreciative of my progress, my life, the people around me. Even the simple fact of waking up in the morning. I am in love with life. Most days anyway. And when I’m not, I work towards seeing what I could be in love with. This whole stopping to smell the flowers shit ain’t that bad you know.

Good luck fellow peaceful warriors.