How to adopt a meat and dairy free lifestyle; starting with breakfast.

One of the simplest methods of transitioning into veganism is by introducing one meat and dairy free meal into each day and by choosing breakfast, you are making the decision to start the day with something energising and health conscious. Transitioning is nowhere near as difficult as people believe and the results are phenomenal. By eliminating certain food groups you are constantly finding new recipes, using more fresh fruit and vegetables and cooking becomes so much more exciting. Here are some simple, delicious breakfast ideas to get you started.



‘But for breakfast!?’ Yes and it’s perfect, healthy and can be prepared the night before.

What you need: ripe, speckled bananas and a splash of soya or almond milk (this is optional depending on how creamy you would like it to be). Crushed cashews, almonds or brazil nuts to garnish (again optional, I have used cashews in the picture)

How to do it: chop the bananas, about 2 – 4, depending on how much you would like. Freeze them for four hours. Use a food processor to blend them and its ready to serve. You can easily store this back in the freezer and blend it again to bring it back to life.

This is a beautifully simple breakfast recipe and you can really have fun with the variations, adding vanilla pods or mango. The texture is just like ice-cream and is both vegan and paleo.


Sweet ‘n’ Savoury

The battle between having a sweet treat for breakfast and something wholesome and savoury meet in this humble, energising breakfast.

What you need: whole-wheat/rye/soda bread, half an avocado, cashew or peanut butter, banana, and sweet, juicy fruit such as an orange, grapes or mixed berries. I’ve also added a pineapple slushy to mine, which is just pineapple rings from a tin blended with ice, super cheap and easy.

How to do it: slather one slice of bread with nut butter and top with banana and the other with crushed avocado, or have the avocado diced with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Make your plate as colourful as possible!

This breakfast works well as a brunch and freezing the grapes makes them sweeter and crunchier so they pop in your mouth.

vegan free breakfast 3


Grains and Garnish

This is a favourite for cold, dark mornings. Having cereal or porridge for breakfast with seeds or fruit will keep you fuller for longer, especially porridge, which is known to keep blood sugar levels stable so you won’t be tempted to snack before lunch.

What you need: muesli, oats or whole grain cereal, below I have Eat Natural Vine Fruit cereal, which is gluten free, milk, and finally, seeds and/or berries.

How to do it: Prepare your grains with almond, soya, oat, rice or hemp milk; the alternatives to cow’s milk are endless. To garnish I usually use frozen berries as they are much cheaper than fresh and by warming them up, you can create a fruit compote, which goes great with muesli.

Getting a multipack of seeds is really useful for any meat and dairy free breakfast as they contain omega 3, found in oily fish.

vegan free breakfast 6

Breakfast Mezze:

A traditional Mediterranean dish which usually includes cured meat, salad and cheese. Make a healthier, breakfast alternative with plenty of colour and taste.

What you need: Have a whole-wheat carb such as bread, Ryvita or oatcakes as the focus of your mezze and add a selection of fruit and veg. Here I’ve used a Ryvita with homemade salsa and slices of avocado topped with coriander accompanied by tomatoes, banana, berries and a satsuma.

How to do it: Make the plate colourful by the variety of foods you choose, I love arranging mine on a huge plate or roasting dish.

This is a great dish to share at the table or treat your loved one with breakfast in bed.

Being mindful and considerate with choosing food is just one of the benefits I found in going Vegan. Suddenly I was creating more recipes, planning and getting excited about healthy eating – which I had never experienced before. All of these breakfasts are done with minimal ingredients and are an excellent starting point towards a healthier lifestyle. After only a few weeks of being dairy and meat free, my eczema had gone and my skin and hair felt nourished. But the biggest change was in my attitude towards myself. Try these breakfasts out and feel the difference.

vegan free breakfast 4