Review: Salomon Women's Quest Walking Boots
Hard WearingWater proof (as much as boots can be)Comfy
HeavyLaces didn't always stay tied (although that could've been me)
80%Nearly as snug as slippers
Comfort 70%
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These boots were made for walking, and that’s exactly what I did in them. For 42 days, 906 km and climbing up over 49,000 meters. They faired incredibly well. Whilst both of the boys that I hiked with found that their boots disintegrated over the course of the trek, I had little to no trouble with mine. They are sturdy, comfortable and durable. And even now, after several practice walks and a 6-week hike I can still wear them confident that they will protect my feet.


When trying them out initially in store, I pretty much tried every boot available, determined that boots are the most important feature of any hike. I found that these Salomon Women’s Quest boots seemed to be the most comfortable and protective of them all. They are made from breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex fabric which keeps your feet dry through puddles and light rain but will inevitably get wet in the event of a complete downpour. I have yet to find a pair of boots that can survive some of the chronic storms that you will no doubt encounter should you choose to trek in the mountains. Therefore, in these situations I was much more inclined to blame the weather than curse the boots. Plus, they dry remarkably well with little to no damage done to the boots, despite the treacherous conditions and lack of proper drying facilities.


Though they provide full ankle coverage, the boots are still relatively lightweight coming in at just over 1kg. This means the boots provide good support and increased stability without becoming overly clunky or weighty. For me, good support is paramount as I am prone to trips and falls when hiking and the assurance that should I trip over, my feet and ankles were protected was one I was more than glad of.


The grip on them is also pretty good. Having walked over 1000km in these boots, the traction is still relatively unworn and I would feel confident taking these boots on another long distance trek without worrying too much about wear and tear. The very small sections of snow that I encountered upon our recent long-distance hike were traversable with these boots and without the use of crampons, though for larger sections I would of course advise investing in some.

The boots also come with an OrthoLite insole, which protects your feet and posture whilst walking, therefore also preventing back pain.

The only problem I did have with these boots was the laces. They would periodically come undone, no matter how tight I tied them it seemed. This is because the laces are fairly heavy duty; once they softened up a bit from everyday use, this became much less of an issue.

Bottom Line:

I am definitely a Salomon fan and will remain so. I would recommend, and indeed have recommended these boots to fellow hikers. Cotswold does a decent deal on them too; you can currently nab them for just £100 with free delivery and returns.