Now We Are Done.

WE ARE DONE! Seems pretty surreal at the moment. Not sure whether to be happy, sad, relieved or proud. It took us 42 days, including 5 rest days. We walked over 900km and climbed over 49,000m.

It is crazy looking back on it, it all seems like such a blur. People keep telling me what an amazing thing it is we have done and how proud we should be. But at the moment it feels like nothing. I guess I still feel like we have to start walking again and that it is not really over. Hopefully that is just in my head and not a reality.


It was truly a mix of emotions walking into Banyuls a couple days ago. The mixture of pride, relief and joy was confusing. Although that was all quickly forgotten when we started spraying prosecco around the centre of Banyuls. (I have always wondered how much fun spraying bottles of champagne is and it turns out, it is a lot of fun. Take the chance to do it if you get one). It may have been a slight over reaction, after all, all we had done was a long walk. But it was still fun.


Banyuls was an interesting place to finish. In my mind I had the picture of a quaint little french town with a sandy beach and no tourists. What we ended up with was a tourist filled town, with a rocky beach and a town square which turned into an U16’s disco at 8pm. I suppose spending a month and a half in the mountains where you rarely see more than 10 people in a day makes you a bit of a moan. In the end what Banyuls was like made little difference. We ended up sitting on the beach all night drinking beers and listening to the DJ at the U16’s disco mix tunes that were released at least 10 years before most of the attendees at the disco were born. Nice way to finish.


I think we’ve all learnt a lot whilst walking the GR10. Some lessons less helpful than others. Like; never let Fiona lead the group or you will definitely get lost, or making sure your phone is in your bag when it rains (Doug). Then more important lessons, like disciplining yourself to wake up every morning and the importance of working as a 3 to make sure that we all made it to Banyuls. Everything we learnt is important. Hopefully as Left Right Repeat keeps growing these are lessons that we can pass onto people who go on adventures in the future.


We have already been looking to the future and what we can do next. You always hear that these sort of challenges come with a bug and that your first one is never your last. Turns out that rumour is true. Before we had even finished we were planning our next challenges. I’m not sure what we see in putting ourselves through these kind of things, but we must be seeing something. Fiona and I are thinking of some kind of Ultra-marathon, so if anyone is interested in getting involved let us know.
I’m sure as time goes by I will have a lot more to say about the trip and the experiences that we’ve had. But at the moment I don’t think it has really sunk in. Thanks to everyone for all the support and thanks to everyone who donated to Yorkhill. It does mean a lot and definitely helped us push on when the times got hard.