LeftRight Repeat: Walking The Pyrenees.

The Pyrènèisme is a mindset, an outlook toward mountaineering focused on the appreciation of the journey, of the nature, and the world around involved when climbing mountains. You won’t be surprised to find out that such a ‘state of mind’ is based around mountain activities in the Pyrenees, upon which French cartographer Franz Schraeder wrote:

‘When the mountain has taken possession of your heart, everything comes from it, and everything leads you back to it.’

In the summer of 2015, Craig, Fiona and myself set out from our homes, our beds, our kitchens, showers, toilets, and TVs to go and be possessed. Over 6 weeks we trekked, lives on our backs from Hendaye on the East coast of France, to Banyuls-sur-mer on the west coast. Following a popular trail called the GR10 we crossed 906km (excluding inadvertent detours), climbed 49,000m of mountain, ate approximately 40kilos of couscous (uncooked), swam in lakes, rivers and seas, shouted at each other, battled through 40 degree heat and incessant rain, met dozens of beautiful souls, and became the best of friends.

From breaking into vans under the spell of a beautiful French siren to contemplating the similarities between life and Tetris we have tried to document as much as we could of our journey, which you can find here.