5th Aril 2014 Next 

Awful nights sleep last night, no idea why. Woke up in shitty misty rain. Realised my dry socks are still at Lake Monibeong.

Got a lift into Mt. Gambier today, met Jamie (the guy with the push cart), he’s camping next to me again! Think I’m going to stay here for a few days. I was going to get a push cart, but decided against it, I’ve gotten way stronger these last few weeks, but there are a few things I need:

  1. New bag. Hopefully to replace the shitty BlackWolf thing I’m carrying which falls apart repeatedly.
  2. New, warmer sleeping bag, it’s getting colder as it closes in on winter and I’m getting further away from the East Coast.
  3. Insoles for the boots. New boots would hurt too much to wear in straight away.
  4. Thongs. (flip flops)
  5. Hat. Same reason as the sleeping bag.

Other than that I’m feeling confident, It’s been a struggle getting here, but I am here. I have no idea whether the next 3 weeks are going to be easier or not. I reckon mentally in terms of loneliness, it will be easier knowing I’m on the second leg and it’s always getting closer; something I haven’t felt for the last 3 weeks, I just felt like I was getting further from Melbourne.

Having said that, I just watched the weather forecast for the next week. Rain. Precipitation. Dew. Water. Falling… from the sky. Fuck.

Well I can test the water(proof) for the next few days.


7th April 2014 Fresh

So I’ve had 3 nights at Mt. Gambier, met Jamie’s mum and the 3 of us went out on the piss last night. Was a good laugh.

Today I bought new insoles for my boots (exciting I know) and a beanie that makes me look like a sperm – I wonder what the relative distance was for me as a sperm compared to this?

Early starts from here on out. Up at 5am, it gets light at 06:30 so I want to leave by 7am ish most days. It’s also getting colder, but Jamie off-loaded a flannel sleeping bag inner his mum had made. Life is good.

Repaired my backpack again. Hopefully it’ll hold. God only knows, and I don’t think God is too bothered by my backpack woes anyway…

Not much else new. Life is Good.

8th April 2014 Not Exactly 

Okay so today started off okay. 29km didn’t sound so bad for a bit. Most of the day was fine, tiny bit of rain and the realisation that my 15-year-old taste in eom-rock (Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon) is perfect for motivational walking. Averaged out at 6km/h for a good 2 hours, which is the fastest I’ve gone for so long with this pack, but…

The last 7km hit me like a hedgehog fired from a canon. My knees were stinging worse that I’ve felt yet, and my feet felt like they were walking on a cheese grater. When I finally found myself in Port McDonnell, hobbling into my campsite, I was in the worst pain of the whole trip. Basically I think my knees and feet aren’t used to walking on roads for such long distances, which are curved for rainwater run off, and pretty bad at cushioning the impact. I’ve got new blisters from the new insoles and the dead, rock-hard skin of the old blisters is rubbing on the deeper layers of skin. I’m meant to be doing 38km tomorrow, but we’ll see how I feel.

This is not good.


9th April 2014 Eurgh

Woke up this morning with my legs, knees and feet still in pain. Took into account that tomorrow is going to tip it down and I wouldn’t be starting at a decent campsite, let alone finishing at one, especially if my legs were to give out halfway through the day. I called it off. Another 2 rest days, allow myself to recuperate.

I’ve also decided that if this carries on I’ll get a bike, cycle to Adelaide and back. Only if I can’t walk. Otherwise I’ll go too slowly, and never make it to Adelaide in time.

Neurofen helps. Neurofen, cigarettes and cider.

I never claimed to be a nutritionist.



During what was eventually a 9 day rest I summed up my options if the knee problems persisted. The first was cycling the rest of the way, by far the easiest way. So, being overly proud, I felt that would be cheating. The net was a push buggy, like I’d meant to get in Mount Gambier, but had felt too proud (can you spot the theme here?). The coolest idea I had was to buy a longboard, and construct some type of trailer to go on the back of it. It did seem a bit far fetched though. Eventually I decided to get a push cart. Sadly this took another 7 days to get to me, and although Port MacDonnell is wonderful, there was nothing to do there, especially at the campsite, and walking was still a struggle, so going into town had to be a day trip. I spent my time trying to write a play, and deciding where else I wanted to go in the world (apparently everywhere).